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About Legacy Property Inspectors

With 20 plus years of construction experience, nearly 15 years of rehabbing/remodeling homes, and over five years of selling real estate, Legacy Property Inspectors boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Legacy Property Inspectors also understands and highlights the needs of clients.


Too many times have we seen remodels done the wrong way. Our efforts are put forth to ensure that you don't need anyone but Legacy to inspect your home. We emphasize collaboration and

desire to help people understand everything about a property.

It’s our job to make you feel comfortable about tackling an issue within your home or business.

We outfit homeowners and property owners with the knowledge needed to maintain the property.

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Our Vision

Legacy Property Inspectors will provide honest and accurate inspections that will benefit and

enhance the lives of property owners and the greater community. Through each home inspection, Legacy will donate back to local charities and ministries to help fund the building of our communities legacies.

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Tell us about your inspection today.

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